When life offers a change...

We become “in transition” in order to navigate the change. These life transitions become more challenging as we age. Seniors and their families often seek solutions and support to navigate their new normal. SeniorCareAccess Consultants are here to assist.

Who would use this service?

Families:   The SCA Seniors’ Consulting Program is designed to assist seniors and their families in discovering what solutions are available to their particular needs and goals.

Professionals:  The SCA Seniors’ Consulting Program offers professionals working with older adults an opportunity to discover priorities and involved members.  Often, families need to have a concise plan in place before professional services may be engaged.  This is an ideal option for Lawyers, Realtors®, Insurance and Financial Advisors, Funeral Planners and Care Providers.

How would you use this service?

Families:  The SCA Seniors’ Consulting Program is simple, uncomplicated and empowering.  Families may engage the service when a loved one’s situation changes and identifying the next steps seems overwhelming.

Professionals:   The SCA Seniors’ Consulting Program should be added to your tool box of services.  When families or seniors seem to be stalling in moving forward, simply offer them a recommendation of our services and forward us their referral.  Referral forms here

The SeniorCareAccess Consulting Program is Person-Centred.

Being person-centred allows the focus to be on the client and how the client interacts with solutions, people, personalities and understanding. Rather than placing clients into a pre-set consulting program, our consulting program is designed around the client – simple and truly person-centred. No two clients are the same therefore no two programs are the same.

The SeniorCareAcccess Consultants:

Consultants are available across Canada and come from a variety of work experiences such as: family mediation and counselling, retirement home planning, nursing, social work, seniors’ real estate, home care, certified executor advisors, dementia programs, policy development, senior related education and training, grief and loss, crisis management and healthcare navigation. As clients begin to work with a consultant, the consultant is in constant contact with their appropriate colleagues as they develop action plans and support.

Transition Planning:

As we age certain aspects of our life will change. Some of these changes will include: health, marital/relationship status, physical ability, finances, family, housing, legal status, care needs, mental health, Executor assistance, family dynamics, respite coordination and others. If you are like most people, any one of these transitions may result in feelings of isolation and stress as you are left on your own to discover solutions or resources to help you. This is why we created the SeniorCareAccess Consulting program for older adults and their families.


SeniorCareAccess prides itself as being Canada’s most comprehensive senior housing database. Many seniors and their families look at options to allow for aging in place (remaining in their own homes), while others choose active and supportive lifestyles within an adult lifestyle or retirement community. All are great options if you know what is involved and, if they are the right fit for your needs and wants. SeniorCareAccess Consultants offer transition planning into retirement living options as well as manage seniors real estate (seniors selling their homes) through an Accredited Senior Agent™ or Master Accredited Senior Agent™. Often the physical move is just one part of the major emotional component of a housing transition.